Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time for Patriot Academy to recruit future anti-gay and anti-choice activists

An email from the anti-gay hate group American Family Association has alerted me to the fact that Patriot Academy has started its recruitment drive. They are looking for young people, 16 to 25 years of age, who will attend three to five day “boot camps” this summer. Were it not for the right wing Christian indoctrination this would be a good idea.

In case you have any doubts about the indoctrination, this enterprise is run by Rick Green (of WallBuilders fame). The board of advisors includes people like David Barton (of course), hate group leader Mat Staver, “homosexuality is barbarism” whack job Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Fr. Frank Pavone.

The young people elect executives and are then divided into a house and senate. They learn how to draft and effect legislation. This is the kind of civics that should be free of bias. It would make young people more responsible and more knowledgeable. It is a shame that young people will be infused with David Barton's “Christian Nation™” bullshit.

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