Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tony Perkins hears a hate group echo

American College of Pediatricians vs. American Academy of Pediatrics
Family Research Council and the American College of Pediatricians are both designated as anti-LGBT hate groups. On Tuesday, Tony Perkins, head of FRC, claimed that a statement from ACP “dismantles” the trans movement. What he really means is that the propaganda from another right-wing Christian operation conflicts with the considered opinion of the many recognized professional peer groups including the American Psychiatric Association.

It comes as no surprise that Mr. Perkins, head of Family Research Council, would cite the American College of Pediatricians as authoritative. Perkins' intent is to confuse the public. Doing so is a form of lying. The reason that Mr. Perkins is lying is to have people substitute conservative Christian dogma for medical science. Doing so favors Perkins' opposition to transgender rights laws in order for him to ensure that society conforms to scripture. If you think that sounds more like Iran than America you are right.

In a post titled “Keeping Kids at Harms Length” Perkins begins:
Liberals like to say they're pushing these gender-neutral bills for the kids, but new research suggests they're doing it despite the kids. Every day, it seems like another city or school board is pushing a policy that tells children to ignore the anatomy that classrooms should be teaching! The waves of gender-neutral bathroom and athletic proposals keep coming, no matter how devastating it can be for students. Gender isn't a matter of self-determination, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is arguing, and suggesting otherwise can harm kids for life.
Right off the bat it is important to realize that ACP's propaganda is not “research.” It is not peer reviewed and it has not been published to a scholarly journal. For that, one would have to go to one of the real professional organizations. Unlike those professional organizations ACP has an agenda other than the best interests of children. Perkins further suggests that the very presence of transgender access policies “tells” students something that is harmful. It's always the same. “Fear people who are different.” What it really tells students is something about American values for fairness, diversity and equality. Furthermore, by using the term “self-determination” Perkins is suggesting that people make a conscious and deliberate selection of their gender identity. It is comparable to Perkins' other favorite bullshit that homosexuality is a choice.

Perkins goes on to claim:
This isn't about helping children "find themselves" or accepting them for who they are, it's about glamorizing a disorder with life-long consequences. When legislatures or educators indulge and even encourage this confusion, ACP warns, it's child abuse.
I wrote about ACP's statement on Friday. Suffice it to say that the real research demonstrates that the earlier children transition, the happier and healthier they will be later on. Physicians and psychiatrists are more capable of evaluating whether it is “just a phase” than Mr. Perkins. Has Perkins bothered to even meet some trans kids or their parents? I doubt it.

Eventually Perkins gets to the point:
It's time for Americans to wake up from this spell of political correctness and fight for what's in the best interest of kids …. Let's hope the leaders of North Carolina take this into account tomorrow, when they convene a special session on Charlotte's extreme bathroom ordinance. … state leaders are making good on a promise to take legislative action if the city dared to implement a measure that puts children, public safety, and religious liberty at risk. … not only would grown men be allowed in women's public restrooms and showers, but businesses would be ordered to cater to same-sex weddings, even if it violates their personal beliefs.
What Mr. Perkins finds so extreme is non-discrimination protections for LGBT citizens in public accommodations and transgender bathroom access. Perkins is blowing a dog whistle about men in women's bathrooms. He wants people to infer that their daughters are at risk, something that never seems to have happened where such ordinances are in place. Never.

North Carolina being North Carolina I expect the legislature to nullify Charlotte's non-discrimination protections. Perkins will claim victory and collect some donations. We mind remind him of this when he screams something about states' rights — wouldn't the same principle apply to a municipality? In the end the North Carolina legislature will impose their conservative Christian beliefs on everyone, including a very fragile minority of children. Shame on them. Perkins is impervious to shame.

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