Friday, April 22, 2016

An amusing anecdote

I love It is the most customer-centric company in America. The quality culture is thoroughly ingrained into the corporate DNA. I also use Amazon Prime Now for all of my soda and cereal, etc. That's not to say that Amazon is always perfect.

I ordered a 55 inch TV. For two days now the status has been “preparing to ship” so I sent a polite note asking for a reasonable estimate of a shipping date, Hell, I want my new toy like a five-year-old. I admit it. Anyway, this is the answer that I received. Keep in mind that I live in Miami Beach:
I'm sorry to hear that your order for " Husqvarna ST224 - 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower - 961930096 " hasn't shipped yet.

We certainly do not want our customers to experience this.

Upon contacting the fulfillment center with regard to your order, I've been informed that due to technical error in our system, this order was assigned to an incorrect facility (which is an automated process). …
 I am trying to picture myself waiting for a flat screen and receiving a huge, heavy box that contained a snow blower. Now that's a what the fuck moment.

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