Monday, April 25, 2016

Another hate group (FRC) - Same BS

Tony Perkins
Monday: Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council, has sent out an email to supporters titled “Want to send a message to the Bathroom Bullies?” It seems that the anti-LGBT forces have coalesced around the preposterous idea that corporate America is being hypocritical by sanctioning North Carolina while doing business in countries that are hostile to LGBT citizens. American Family Association (another hate group) has done the same thing.

The simple fact is that these are American companies run by US citizens who are concerned with United States public policy. American businesses have always done business in places that are hostile to American interests. That reality doesn't seem to affect Tony Perkins who writes:
The hypocrisy coming from these corporate fat cats is stunning. These businesses are free to adopt these privacy-invading policies on their own, but they haven't. Why? Could it be the legal liability that they would assume by putting women, young girls and others at risk?

Additionally, these same corporations which are being used by LGBT activist groups in North Carolina, don't seem to be so concerned about so-called LGBT rights elsewhere. Many of the businesses that have threatened to boycott North Carolina are the same ones that shamelessly do business in countries like China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore -- countries that not only criminalize homosexual behavior but even, in some cases, make it punishable by death.
I don't know what PayPal's policy is regarding trans employees and neither does Perkins. He is making a statement out of ignorance. Whatever risk there is is already covered by insurance and based on experience there is no risk at all. One of the reasons that FRC is designated a hate group is that they persist in claiming that LGBT people present a threat to others — especially to children.

I love this part:
If these corporate lobbyists had actually read the contents of HB 2, they would discover that it protects businesses' freedom to set the bathroom policy of their choice. As Governor McCrory explained on NBC last Sunday, “It's not government's business to tell the private sector what their bathroom, locker room, or shower practices should be. Not only the private business, but also the YMCA and other nonprofit organizations....”
What “lobbyists” is he referring to? This has less to do with the policies of businesses than the policies of public schools when transgender kids are particularly fragile and vulnerable. North Carolina (and Perkins) have essentially said that transgender people do not exist. Furthermore, If Mr. Perkins actually read the contents of HB2 then he would realize that there is far more to this issue than trans access. North Carolina nullified all of its municipal nondiscrimination ordinances — a fact that none of these people seem to want to address. They did so for religious reasons — Christian privilege and Christian supremacy. These are the same reasons that Mr. Perkins is supportive of North Carolina's legislature and governor.

The nullification that I am looking for starts in November. The election of Hillary Clinton and restoring Democratic control of the Senate is going to change the balance of the Supreme Court for decades. That court will get to decide, I think, whether or not North Carolina's HB2 denies LGBT citizens Equal Protection. Thereafter, the hate mongers can bitch and moan, stomp their feet and shout “treason” or some blather about activist judges. What it really means, after all, is that Tony Perkins and his ilk can go fuck themselves.

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