Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Brian Brown needs to get a grip on who's the "extremists"

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage is peeved. So what else is new? I suspect that John Kasich scares the shit out of the NOMers. Kasich has summed up the general feeling among the majority of Republicans — most of whom are tired of being held hostage by the Christian right. The Supreme Court has ruled, move along. Today's missive from Mr. Brown is titled “Don't Let Billionaires and Extremists Rip Marriage from the GOP Platform.”

Certainly not! The GOP platform should be shaped by religious extremists supported by the unlimited funds from associates of the Catholic Church and numerous Southern Baptist organizations.
While the rest of America is focused on one of the most consequential Republican primary elections in our lifetimes, a shadowy group funded by billionaire gay activists and backed by ideological extremists is working behind the scenes to rip to shreds the Republican Party platform on marriage. We can't let New York billionaires and their allies get away with this.
Ooh, it's a conspiracy. And just what are the two things that people should do to stop this onslaught (I bet you already know one of them)?
  1. Please sign our petition today and;
  2. Please make an emergency financial contribution to NOM so that we can deploy the necessary resources to stop this effort to accommodate gay 'marriage' and pressure the eventual Republican nominee to abandon the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, period.
Really, and just what are those “resources?” What are they going to do? Send some emails? The reality is that Republican donors are business people and discrimination is bad for business. And I have news for shit-for-brains. The “truth” is that marriage is the legal union of two people, period. This guy is in total denial. Later on he writes:
What the LGBT extremists fail to realize is that support for traditional marriage runs much higher than does support for the Republican Party brand. Over 50 million Americans have gone to the polls to support traditional marriage, and marriage has always run many points higher than has the top of the Republican ticket.
Some of those people went to the polls 12 years ago. Many, if not most, have changed their views. My two former Senators, Clinton and Schumer, were at one time opposed to marriage equality. Now they are staunch supporters. There is one more thing that doesn't seem to register in the heads of these dim bulbs. We are closing in on a year of equality and nothing bad has happened! When, exactly, will we be visited by Robert George's parade of horribles?

The emphasis in now on people who do not comply with nondiscrimination laws (poor them):
If the GOP strips support for marriage from the party platform, Christians and other people of faith will pay a heavy price. Such a move would provoke fierce legal attacks against people who believe that marriage is one man and one woman, just as God designed it, resulting in countless people being sued, fined, fired and otherwise punished for continuing to stand up for marriage.
The GOP platform has no effect on Obergefell v. Hodges. What is he talking about? Brown isn't even capable of finding new self-manufactured victims. For about eight years now it's the same florist, the same two bakers, the same photographer and the same event venue. Frankly, it's all rather tedious.

The truth is that this has nothing to do with wedding vendors or society or even public policy. The truth is that this is about the teachings of the Catholic Church and Brown is an ultra-orthodox Catholic. That is all that this is and that is all it has ever been.

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