Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dear Brian S. Brown:

Perhaps they are terrified by an Eagle Overlord
Dear Brian:

I know that you want National Organization for Marriage to appear to be doing something useful. However, sending a fax in my name to every Republican member of Congress is a waste of my time, your time and their time. Every citizen is represented by three elected representatives; a congressperson and two senators. Those are the only people who give a rat's ass about that citizen's opinion. Sending a fax to an Oregon congressman on behalf of a Florida resident is pointless.

And while I am at it, Dear Brian, why are you pushing FADA, a bill that President Obama will veto if, by some miracle, it passed the Senate. The odds seem very good that you are going to have to deal with President Hillary Clinton starting next year. She's not going to sign it either.

And for the love of your god, Brian, would you please find some fresh victims? We have been hearing about the same two bakers and that florist for how many years now? Most vendors, I suppose, are thrilled by the new business opportunity. I guess there aren't enough victims to go around.

Oh, and nobody really thinks that Kim Davis is a victim of anything other than her own stupidity. You write that she was jailed for refusing to issue illegal gay marriage licenses. Was the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges somehow ambiguous? Davis was jailed for refusing to allow others in her office to issue marriage licenses in spite of a court order from a federal judge to do so. US district court judges get rather testy when they are defied and she was held in contempt. She sure as Hell wasn't a victim.

Really, I'm sure that you can do better than this.

Best regards.

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