Monday, April 25, 2016

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson says her new jewelry line is inspired by God

Missy Robertson
Of course it is because God has an interest in body decor. Robertson's new jewelry line is called “Laminin by Missy Roberston,” which, she claims, is inspired by the powerful presence of God in people's lives. When it comes to the Robertsons that powerful presence of God in people lives doesn't include the lives of LGBT people. Nor does it include the lives of people who are not Christians. The Robertsons are self-absorbed Christianist bigots.

According to Robertson the word “Laminin” actually refers to a fibrous molecular protein, which is the basic foundation of the body. Moreover:
And this particular protein, if looked through a microscope, is in the exact shape of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ He is in all things And In Him all things hold together is a verse taken by Colossians 1:17. This meaning means more than our bodies, but our community of Laminin ladies that will be a part of this jewelry line.
This is actually widely believed Christian mythology. Obviously I am not a molecular biologist. In reality Laminin is a major component of one layer of the basement membrane which separates some biological structures. One of the seven protein domains of lamina looks like a twisted cross — if you squint.

I love entrepreneurs. Among other things they add to the employment base. What bothers me is the suggestion that a for-profit enterprise is somehow in the service of God.

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