Tuesday, April 19, 2016

For all the fuss and misdirection over HRC ...

On Sunday during his recitation of talking points on Meet the Press North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory implied that the Human Rights Campaign was a powerful, sinister force:
Now the conversation with a very powerful group called the Human Relations, uh, Human Rights Council, my gosh, they're more powerful than the N.R.A., and they have millions of dollars, which makes me want to overturn United, 'cause I don't know who their donors are either.

Numbnuts cannot get the name right but he and the legislature have probably been working directly with Alliance Defending Freedom. They seem to be the folks that are pushing all of this legislation. They seem to be authoring the boilerplate.

ADF has a budget of around $43 million. ADF's budget is 23% higher than HRC's and their donors are just as anonymous.

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