Monday, April 4, 2016

Kelvin Cochran on the professional victim circuit

Kelvin Cochran
A group of African-American ministers is upset with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal for vetoing a “religious liberty bill.” Former Atlanta Fire Department chief Kelvin Cochran, now a professional victim, joined the pastors in protest. The pastors are saying that Deal has turned his back on religious organizations. Apparently Mr. Cochran has not found gainful employment over the past year.

The Christian boilerplate regarding Cochran is that he was fired because of his stance on marriage. The reality is that Cochran was trying to impose his conservative Christian beliefs on subordinates in a very diverse fire department. Passing out his self-published book calling gay people “perverts” was probably not a very good idea.

Meanwhile, Cochran's story has changed numerous times.  Cochran's termination is currently the subject of a federal lawsuit that might come to trial in the fall. The discovery deadline is May 31. Ultimately Cochran will probably lose his case. However, he is represented by ADF. They will appeal and instead of putting this matter behind him and getting a new position it will remain unresolved.

Getting back to the pastors, Pastor Garland Hunt, senior pastor at The Father's House in Norcross, Georgia, said, “We were totally, highly offended and angered to hear that the governor turned his back on faith-based organizations, the faith-based leadership in the state,” CBN News reported. Well I am highly offended that a Black pastor does not know the history of religion-based discrimination in the South. I am also offended that religious leaders think that the state has an obligation to embrace Christianity — something that seems to be at odds with the Establishment Clause.

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