Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Louisiana's Pastor Protection Act ... and more

Now it is Louisiana's turn with HB597. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has managed to spread their anti-gay bigotry throughout the Bible Belt. Once again a so-called Pastor Protection Act (which is being discussed today) is more than that. Pastors do not need the protections that these bills presume to provide so there is always another agenda.

Louisiana's proposed legislation allows religious organizations to refuse service without defining what a religious organization is. It doesn't even mention a not-for-profit requirement. If this bit of anti-gay legislation goes through as written it will be ambiguous. Some self-righteous schmuck will claim that his bakery, event venue or flower shop is a holy enterprise. Guaranteed.

My thinking on these things has been consistent. If they operate a public accommodation then they should serve all comers. Nobody is forcing anyone into a same-sex marriage. If the Knights of Columbus rent out their hall then it should go to anyone who pays the freight. When the Knights employ some sort of questionnaire to rule out divorced people, pregnant brides and anything else that might offend the eunuchs at the Vatican then I might have some sympathy. If the venue is actually on the premises of the church then that, too, should be subject to religious approval. I would have no objection.

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