Saturday, April 16, 2016

Oh those classy Bishops

Tony Spence
You may recall the story about Tony Spence, now the former Director and Editor of the Catholic News Service which is the official news agency of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Spence wrote three or four tweets expressing his concern over Bible Belt anti-gay legislation, like this one:

It seems that bit of honest reflection didn't sit well with the eunuchs. On Thursday they summoned Spence to a conference room, demanded his resignation and then had him escorted directly off the premises, prohibiting him from speaking with any of his staff. That's a termination, not a resignation. After all, Spence had been with the organization for almost 12 years.

I have fired more than my fair share of people but only once did I have someone removed by security* and in that case sexual impropriety was involved. If you allow someone to resign over what amounted to a difference in opinion totally unrelated to job performance then you allow the individual to depart with some dignity. More so, it would seem, when the employer is a religious order. These men cannot tolerate the slightest measure of dissent.

This also demonstrates that Ryan T. Anderson is not a far-right outlier. The Catholic bishops are in accord with the numerous license-to-discriminate bills that are flooding the Bible Belt. This comes as no surprise since they are determined to give Catholic schools the right to discriminate with respect to non-ministerial employees. If you believe them, the ability to do so is mission critical.

One of these days we are going to blow the whole thing up. Everyone pays taxes; everyone obeys the same laws and we will see these ambitious people for what they are. How many, by the way, are closeted gay men?

* To be fair there was a two year period of time, early in my managerial career, when I was out of control. Some of my terminations amounted to “OUT – OUT – OUT!” Then I grew up and I went to work for more professional organizations.

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