Sunday, April 17, 2016

Peter LaBarbera is irrelevant - However ...

Six months have expired since the IRS told Peter LaBarbera that his Americans for Truth About Homosexuality lost its tax-exempt status. This upstanding Christian has yet to inform donors on his website that their contributions are not tax deductible. LaBarbera knows that if he does so it might make a dent in what he receives. The very self-righteous LaBarbera is being deceptive for dollars and that doesn't seem very Christian to me. I guess that it is selective observance.

Citizens who do make donations will make the assumption, take the deduction and not get caught. We, the taxpayers, pick up the tab for LaBarbera's dishonesty. In truth LaBarbera could be reinstated and donations could become deductible retroactively but there is no guarantee (this is the second time around for Pete). Nevertheless, a truly honest person would post a notice. Indeed, people should be adverse to contributing to an operation that cannot follow simple rules. Apparently Pete is very disorganized.

This is not an isolated instance of holier than thou bigots being dishonest. Just this week we saw Mark Regnerus defending his thoroughly discredited study. He was bought and paid for by Witherspoon Institute and he did their bidding which included a baked study to coincide with United States v. Windsor. Regnerus also made comments to the press that his study demonstrated things that it did not demonstrate. On Friday Regnerus called me a “Regnerus hater.” Frankly I am indifferent given that he lost the argument in Windsor and again in Obergefell. It does make me very angry that he continues to lie about gay parents and their children. Hate requires a different expense of energy that Regnerus is not entitled to.

And let me be even more honest. Regnerus was selected by Witherspoon because he was a religious zealot — a Catholic convert and defender of the faith. Regnerus is a scientist determined to support the teachings of the Church whose dogma was conceived by theologians and catechists — not fellow scientists.

Over this past week, how many conservative Christians have lied about North Carolina House Bill 2? How many have made is seem as if its scope was limited to transgender bathroom access, conveniently not mentioning that the bill invalidated local LGBT protections that affected a large swath of the state? When it comes to transgender access, how many of those same people try to give the deceitful impression that there is a problem with men dressing as women to molest little girls?

Dishonesty for their god (and their ego) seems like the worst kind of hypocrisy. These are (mostly) men who hold themselves out as super-moral and holy patriots beyond reproach while they are lying through their teeth. The actual lies are probably less important than the fact that they are lying in the first place. If there is a god she is going to get very pissed off.

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