Friday, April 22, 2016

Radical religious extremists are targeting Maine

Mike Heath
On Thursday, radical Christian activist Mike Heath launched a ballot initiative to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from the Maine Human Rights Act. Maine's voters overwhelmingly voted for their inclusion 11 years ago.

Mr. Heath is the former director of the Christian Civic League. He is a contact person for donations at the anti-gay hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.*

Heath is currently in the process of gathering signatures (61,000 are required). He is reportedly using paid signature gatherers which probably means that the outside money has already started to fund this effort.

The good people of Maine will probably not support turning the clock back. However do the LGBT citizens of Maine need the stress? These things usually attract large amounts of outside money and LGBT children are going to hear that they are evil little perverts. Children raised by gay couples are going to hear some awful things about their parents.

You can help to defeat this effort here. Equality Maine is a fine organization; light on ego and strong on organization. In 2012 they successfully orchestrated a ballot initiative to reverse a same-sex marriage ban.


* Regarding AFTAH, this is as good a place as any to tell you that I made a complaint to the Illinois AG today. In spite of losing their tax exempt status, they still claim on their “About” page that deductions are tax deductible.

I downloaded the most recent database from the IRS and AFTAH has not been reinstated.

Furthermore, AFTAH is not listed in the Illinois Attorney General Charity Database which probably means that they haven't filed the necessary reports with the state. They are, therefore, precluded from soliciting funds in Illinois.

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