Friday, April 1, 2016

SBF Authors and Prospective Authors

In case you are unaware of it, the Slowly Boiled Frog is included in Google News. The advertising you see was a means of advancing that cause. I mention this for a reason.

Next Wednesday, April 6, I am having a bit of elective surgery. Just between you and me I am having a TURP. Think Roto-Rooter. I'll probably spend the night in the hospital. The good news is that I have an extremely gifted surgeon (the head of the service) and, if you have to spend a night in a hospital, Mt. Sinai in Miami Beach is a pleasant place (as hospitals go) to do so. Plus, I'll get some really good drugs.

There is a point to this:

If you have authorship privileges at SBF, the sixth and seventh would be a good time to utilize them. If you would like to write here, please contact me by email. Now would be a good time to do so.