Monday, April 18, 2016

Strange and urgent appeal from Gary Cass

Gary Cass
Dr. Gary Cass (he doesn't have a real PhD) of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission claims that he needs $10,000 by end of April or he might have to shut his doors. Perish the thought.
Serving Christ and His people is the highest calling anyone can have, but if we don't have a significant financial surge our board will have to consider some very drastic measures, maybe even closing our doors. Yes, it's that urgent!

Specifically, we need ten partners to donate $1,000 before the end of April. Is that you? If not, maybe you can give or $500 or $100? Any gift you make is deeply appreciated and urgently needed.
The real name of Cass' organization according to the IRS is Christian Anti-Defamation League CADL. Cass started out as a cheap imitation of ADL (oh, the persecution). The problem of course is that Jews, represented by ADL, are an historically oppressed minority. Christians — not so much.

Recently Cass has dedicated all of his energy to the nullification of the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Contrary to the precedents established by rulings in Marbury v. Madison and Cooper v. Aaron, Cass has claimed that the states can ignore Supreme Court rulings that they do not like. Perhaps the absurdity of Cass' assertion has really brought him to the financial brink. Who knows? There is no mention of nullification in his gimme-gimme email.

In 2014, CADL had revenues of $156 thousand and ended the year with net assets of $10 thousand. Cass took out $42 thousand plus whatever else he grabbed in “expenses.”

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