Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The misadventures of Brian Camenker (udpated)

Brian Camenker
Brian Camenker, head of the hate group MassResistance, claims to have been involved in the actions of the Franklin County Tennessee school board to frustrate the operation of GSA clubs within the district. Camenker's undoing will be the fact that he bragged about it. According to American Family Association's “news” site (AFA is also a certified hate group):
The pro-family activist says they overcame the problem by adopting a set of regulations requiring transparency and accountability which apply to all the clubs.

“[The GSA club will find nearly impossible to abide by] because the clubs depend on secrecy and deception and bringing in all kinds of outside people and horrible materials that no one finds out about," Camenker explains.

While the regulations will force the GSA club to cease operating, the Christian leader from Massachusetts maintains that other school clubs won't be hampered much.
Unless he converted to Christianity, Camenker is a whack-job Jew (much to my embarrassment). The unbalanced Camenker sees gay conspiracies everywhere. GSA clubs do not depend upon secrecy and most certainly do not depend on deception. I have no idea what materials are “horrible.”

On his site, Camenker takes credit for bringing in the hapless Liberty Counsel (yet another certified hate group). I wonder if the school board knows that Liberty Counsel loses almost every case that they touch. In the long term the GSA clubs will operate and grow. Progress will not be thwarted. Yet, this begs the question:

What is MassResistance?

The Massachusetts Secretary of State has no record which means that an unregistered entity is soliciting funds (a fact that I alerted the state to). Here are the organizations associated with Brian Camenker:
  • Panagram Studios - Involuntary dissolution, 1990
  • Vermilion Software - Involuntary dissolution, 2007
  • Parents Education Foundation - involuntary revocation, 2012 — “revived” in 2014
  • Parents Rights Foundation - involuntary revocation, 2012 — “revived” in 2014
Amusingly, the MassResistance donations page show the logo of  Authorize.Net. Here is what you get if you click on the logo:
How are they depositing checks made payable to MassResistance? It also begs the question of how Camenker makes a living. Well, I gave them $5 (what the fuck?). According to my bank the transaction was by MASSRESISTANCE 8398 042016 *XXXX and it was through I have asked them how they are processing payments for an unregistered entity.

Apparently Camenker, like his soul mate Porno Pete, has a problem with filing reports which is why his organizations get revoked. Why has he not registered MassResistance with the state? In addition to being deranged, he seems to be disorganized.

It gets worse.

To solicit funds in Massachusetts you have to be registered as a charity with the Attorney General's office. Guess what?  I have alerted the AG's office to the noncompliance. When you mess with GSAs you mess with gay kids. It pisses me off.

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