Thursday, April 21, 2016

The relevance of that allegedly offensive cake demonstrates a sharp contrast in ethics

By now most people have heard of the gay pastor in Texas who ordered a cake from Whole Foods decorated with “Love Wins.” The pastor, Jordan Brown, alleges that Whole Foods delivered “Love Wins Fag.” Whole Foods strenuously denies the allegation pointing out several flaws in the narrative and telling us that the person who decorated the cake is gay. To tell you the truth the printing doesn't match up. My lie detector is out for service which allows me to speculate. For the sake of argument let us look at this in the worst possible light for Brown.

I haven't stepped foot in the South Beach Whole Foods since the last tough steak (preferring Fresh Market) and I would really like to believe Mr. Brown. However, let us assume that he is full of crap and that he did this either for the attention or for a potential payday. He has sued Whole Foods. Whole Foods has counter-sued.

I haven't received any emails from HRC begging for money in order to stop incidents like this from happening in the future. Thus far if this is a lie it has generally been confined to Mr. Brown. Nor has any organization that I am aware of lied about the lie. I am reminded of all the fundraisers that I received using Kim Davis. Most of them claimed that Davis was jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license that conflicted with her religious beliefs.

The truth is that Davis was jailed for contempt of court after refusing to permit her deputies to issue the licenses in defiance of a federal judge's order. Davis' story (and Liberty Counsel's narrative) changed over time. Eventually landing on her name being on the marriage license as county clerk which is really an absurd objection when you think it through. What remained consistent was that her persecution was a reason that people should give money to whatever anti-gay organization was exploiting a very disturbed and unbalanced woman.

Those same anti-gay organizations have been exploiting Barronelle Stutzman, the anti-gay Washington florist, for three years now. At various times both Stutzman and her lawyers at ADF claimed that the state was going to take her house and her shop (which is false). More importantly, how different is Stutzman's story? She claims that selling flowers to be used at a same-sex wedding violated her religious beliefs. After reviewing a number of pleadings and evaluating the objection I have concluded that Granny wanted some attention. But that's just my opinion and I am stating it as opinion in contrast to fact.

On this site I have detailed the many lies that anti-gay groups have used to raise money off of Stutzman, the two bakers and that photographer. Many of these have been told by their lawyers who know perfectly well that Scalia's opinion in Employment Division v. Smith is controlling. Each of these people have lost every contest — hearings, trials and appeals. They will continue to lose. The Supreme Court denied cert in the photographer's case.

The point that I am trying to make is that nobody has made a martyr out of Jordan Brown. Nobody that I am aware of is disingenuously raising money off of Brown and we, as a community, seem to have contained the hyperbole (once the dust settled at Twitter). Years ago Pam Spaulding (of the beloved Pam's House Blend) told me (I think by email) that, unlike them, we couldn't afford even the slightest error of fact.

If the Liberal Media™ is represented by Huffington Post then the right should know that the Post pointed out some of the flaws in Brown's story including images showing that the package was altered. Would, say, Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal do that? Sean Mandell at Towleroad wrote a very balanced piece on this matter. He did not jump to any conclusions. None of the anti-gay sites have shown similar restraint when it comes to these so-called persecuted Christians.

When called out on a lie, Tony Perkins has always just doubled down by augmenting and re-telling the prevarication. Todd Starnes (in my head it always bounces around as “Todd Fucking Starnes”) falsely reported that Jack Philips (the Oregon baker) had his bank accounts raided by the state. Perkins repeated the story. Except that the local paper interviewed Philips when he emerged from a state office having given them a check for $135,000 and change (just part of the money that he has raised from his victimhood). Perkins persists. He likes the story so he is re-telling it even if it is a figment of the dependably inaccurate Starnes' imagination. Whatever happened to that “false witness” thingy?

The godless queers seem to be more dedicated to truth telling than the self-righteous conservative Christians. Even the comparison presents a false equivalency. Sometimes we are fighting for our very lives while they seem to be fighting for privilege.

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