Wednesday, April 27, 2016

With a thumb on the voting scale things are unlikely to change in North Carolina

Thumb on the scale
On Monday a federal judge upheld North Carolina's aggressive voter suppression law that targets likely Democratic voters. The 2013 law, one of the most restrictive in the U.S., eliminated same-day voter registration and preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds; cut back on early voting by a week; barred counting votes cast outside voters’ home precincts; and required voters to show identification at the polls.

The Republican controlled legislature pushed this through exactly one day after the Supreme Court eviscerated the Voting Rights Act. Legislators claimed that these measures are necessary to combat voter fraud in spite of the fact that there is no evidence of fraud having occurred. In 2012 Romney barely edged out Obama by 92 thousand out of 4.4 million votes cast in the state. I suppose that was too close for comfort. Republicans aren't very good at governing but they are great at keeping themselves in office.

Judge Thomas Schroeder, a George W. Bush appointee, has now played along. Schroeder has one of the thinnest resumes of any federal judge.

In other words Republican legislators crafted a law to enhance their own job security. And you wonder why that don't give a crap about the opprobrium over HB2?

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