Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yet another study demonstrates that Mark Regnerus is full of crap

Mark Regnerus, author of the
discredited Family Structures
Study which was paid for by
groups affiliated with NOM.
It should come as no surprise that households with same-sex parents show no differences from those with different-sex parents with regard to spouse or partner relationships, parent-child relationships, the general health of their children, emotional difficulties, coping and learning behavior, according to a new report by researchers affiliated with the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University.

This was from a carefully calibrated sample. The idea was to get the two groups to be as similar as possible:
Ninety-five same-sex parent households were matched to 95 different-sex parent households on eight demographic characteristics – parental age, education, U.S. birth status, and current geographic location, and the studied child’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, and U.S. birth status.
In other words, unlike Regnerus, apples were compared to apples. The full study report is here. The press release, here.

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