Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A call for Christian unity from the Benham Brothers

Benham Brothers, Jason and David
Jason and David Benham are a reliable duo of anti-gay* hate. From being purveyors of discrimination and ignorance, their combined thinking is really rather simplistic. They make arguments that do not stand up to even cursory scrutiny. According to them, in a piece at Charisma News.
Although the sexual revolution is perverse to the core, one thing we can all learn from it is the incredible power of unity.

Church leaders should take note of how the Human Rights Campaign—the leading organization in this revolution—simplifies its message, galvanizes its base and mobilizes its army. It's genius, even though it's eroding America's moral fabric.
We are all immoral perverts (that is what they write) but we are unified to purpose. Later on:
You see, unity is not the goal of the HRC; accomplishing the mission is. Its mission is the moral and political transformation of America. As a result of this mission, it has unprecedented unity among its ranks. It doesn't have to focus on unity. It's simply a byproduct of being on mission.
The mission (goal) is the mission. It is genius I tell you. Genius! It leads to an “aha” moment:
Growing up preacher's kids and in the "church world" for 40 years, we see the church focusing on unity as a goal instead of it being the result of a mission to be salt and light in the Earth.

It's time to wake up and make some changes.
After some irrelevant observations about the US Marines and some verbosity they thoughtfully conclude:
The unity surrounding the sexual revolution is powerful, yet it lacks the Spirit of God. Can you imagine if the Christian church became united again to fight God's battles on Earth? We wouldn't have to try so hard for unity—it would simply come, because we lost ourselves again in the mission of God, making disciples of all nations.

So if you're a believer and you sense the same lack of unity in the church as we do, let's simply engage like Jonathan and David in the spiritual battles that rage in this land—and watch unity come in the wake.
There are numerous problems with this analysis. Personally I am not interested in the Spirit of God but many Christians would disagree with the Benhams. They would argue that there is a great deal of scripture which supports striving for and offering equality. The Benhams are supporting beliefs consistent with their god. Disunity might be a product of their stridency. The Benhams are Christian extremists who do not represent the vast majority. Yet they assume that they are in the mainstream.

If there is unity it is in reality. Those who do not support LGBT equality usually believe that sexual orientation and sexual identity are behavioral choices. People whose beliefs are consistent with science and medicine — those who recognize that our sexuality is innate and unalterable are unlikely to support discrimination.

Finally, even among conservative Christians, 5+% of their children are LGB or T. Having a gay or transgender kid probably alters their views about ultra-conservative Christianity. There are exceptions, like Phyllis Schlafly, but I suspect that the majority become unwilling to demonize their own offspring.

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* May I license “gay” as an all encompassing term? Anti-gay simply flows better than anti-LGBT. Twice as many syllables.

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