Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A little Christian dishonesty to start your day

Above is the truck that will be visiting every Target store in Minnesota in a campaign organized by the Catholic extremists at LifeSiteNews.com. Once again opponents of transgender accommodation portray the issue as predatory men using women's bathrooms.

It should be noted that the folks at LifeSite do not accept that there is any such thing as a transgender person — something that the pope relegates to dangerous “gender ideology.” Medical and social science would disagree.

In a companion video (see below) an unidentified spokesperson says:
I want to be clear that we are not boycotting Target out of fear of LGBT people. There are other ways to accommodate men dressed as women …
Sure. Need I explain? By the way Alpha News isn't really news (shocking, I know). Although shrouded in secrecy its funding comes from Robert Cummins, a conservative Catholic and founder (1995) of Minnesota's Freedom Club, a PAC that supports conservative candidates. Cummins is reported to have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups opposed to marriage equality.

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