Monday, May 2, 2016

AFA takes credit for Green Beret's successful appeal

The subject of American Family Association's email to supporters reads “AFA petition gets results, Army restores Green Beret hero!” The text begins:
The U.S. Army has reversed an earlier decision to discharge Green Beret Sgt. Charles Martland and has restored his position as a highly decorated military service member.

In support of Sgt. Martland, AFA and Family Research Council collected and delivered 130,000 petition signatures to the Senate Armed Services Committee. The AFA petition urged members of Congress to demand the Pentagon clear Sgt. Martland's record on the matter concerning his moral duty to protect a young Afghan boy from sexual abuse.

It is a reasonable  certainty that AFA's petition was irrelevant. The episode was reported in the New York Times and gained wide attention. What happened is that an Afghan commander had a 12-year-old boy as a sex slave chained to his bed. Martland admitted that he physically threw the Afghani off the base.

AFA presumed to have a stake in this. They were advocates for the guy who protected a young boy from a homosexual. Gays as predators of young boys is one of their favorite themes. It is one of the reasons that AFA is a certified hate group. Add to this the fact that the offender is Muslim and it is a perfect storm.

In truth Afghan society permits men to have sex with young boys without calling their sexual orientation into question. This is nothing new. It is a throwback to ancient Greece and Rome (Alexander the Great conquered Afghanistan in 330 BCE). It has survived in Afghanistan as bacha bazi or “boy play.” It is a heterosexual pursuit.

The AFA missive ends with a money-beg. What a shock.

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