Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bethany Blankley: "Why Don't Liberals Talk About Islam's Brutal Treatment of Homosexuals?" - UPDATED

Bethany Blankley
Bethany Blankley sophomorically begs the question. In point of fact we do talk about the treatment of LGBT people in Muslim countries. Ms. Blankley indulges in a discourse about the horrific mistreatment of gay people in places like Ghana, Iran, Iraq and Kenya. It is as if to say ”Do you see how much better Christians treat you?”

What Muslim and Christian extremists both have in common is a slavish devotion to the literal wording of ancient texts — when it suits them. I would argue that if these Christian Dominionists ever got control of America and turned it into a theocracy (which is their goal) then they would treat gay people as badly as Muslims do in some Muslim states.

I am not overly concerned with how Muslims treat LGBT people because Muslim extremists do not have the same influence on our politics as Christian extremists have. The comparison is irrelevant and conservative Christians treat us like shit. They are not, on the whole, murdering us but they try to make life miserable for LGBT citizens including LGBT children and children being raised by gay couples.

Christian extremists control at least 16 state legislatures and they pass legislation that provides the right to discriminate against LGBT people as Christian privilege. With a bible in one hand and an American flag in the other these folks have a sense of entitlement that is contrary to real American values. So I do not have to look to Muslims to find mistreatment of LGBT people. Nor must I look to Islam to find religious kooks.

Blankley's bullshit wears about as thin as the validity of her argument.

Update:  Just a further thought on the comparison of efforts to affect public policy. Innumerable conservative Christian groups filed amicus briefs opposing marriage equality before the Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor (2013) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). To the best of my knowledge no Islamic group attempted to influence the outcomes of those landmark cases.

The purpose of religion is to provide a path to an afterlife. Follow the rules and when you die you are off to paradise. The more you follow the rules, the better your destination. Muslims in this country seem content to have adherents follow their rules. In contrast, conservative Christians seem to want to impose their rules on everyone else by force of law.

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