Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dishonesty keeps the transgender issue contentious

Heather Clark - Christian News
Heather Clark at Christian News writes “Eight-Year-Old Girl Choked in Restroom by Man in City Pushing ‘Transgender’ Access Rights.” Clark continues:
An eight-year-old girl was recently choked unconscious by an adult male who approached her in the women’s restroom of of a Chicago restaurant as city officials continue their push for restroom accommodations according to gender identity.
This has absolutely nothing to do with transgender access. This doesn't even rise to the level of cognitive dissonance. It underscores two problems: First, that there are outlets for intellectually dishonest rhetoric and; Second, that there is a market for intellectual dishonest rhetoric. Its constituents are content to accept the intended inferences without subjecting the offered information to critical thinking. The thought process is startlingly comparable to religious faith.

For the record, Chicago has no transgender access ordinance and none was provided at this restaurant which has separate men's and women's restrooms. Moreover, Reese Hartstirn, 33, who is accused of following the little girl into the restroom and then choking her until she passed out, is not a transgender person.

Transgender access should be uncontroversial. Transgender people are already using public facilities, pretty much going unnoticed. This only becomes an issue with adolescents because they have transitioned in the presence of their peers. The objective is to protect them from unnecessary trauma.

By virtue of scale we have more important issues

Not for a second am I suggesting that we compromise on transgender access. It is due and it is important. I simply take note of the fact that (depending upon whose numbers you like) there are probably 30 times as many gay people in this country who face extraordinary levels of discrimination. Let us not forget that the most sinister part of North Carolina's HB2 is that it stripped its large urban areas of nondiscrimination ordinances that protected mostly gays and lesbians. Christians have successfully mired us in “where can Caitlyn pee?”

We need to do a better job of managing this issue. Like anything else this has to be managed through constancy of purpose. Most importantly the issue has to be dealt with in perspective. Let us put the brakes on the notion that transgender access licenses men to use women's facilities. Furthermore, anyone who floats the idea of waking up and deciding to be a man or woman today needs to be swiftly and economically put to place. Economically means with as few words as possible. Arguing over problems that do not exist is counter-productive. We must steer our adversaries to the real issue and refuse to debate mythology.

Transgender adults are already using public restrooms without controversy. How many transitioning adolescents are there in an average public high school or junior high?  Those kids are the issue. It is just a matter of educating their peers. Kids probably get this more than adults. Sometimes I think that they should be in charge while grownups engage in pointless food fights.

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