Thursday, May 12, 2016

FRC's Schwarzwalder calls President Obama a fascist

Rob Schwarzwalder - FRC
Rob Schwarzwalder is easily confused as further demonstrated by these strange words coming from a Senior VP of a right wing hate group. The folks at Family Research Council are long on hyperbole and short on substance. They get away with this because their constituency is not exactly the critical thinking corner. In an email sent today to supporters Schwarzwalder demonstrates his perceived ability to put just about anything past FRC's base:
We are witnessing that essentially fascistic approach to law and policy -- the banning of dissent -- in our time, even this week, as the Obama Administration seeks to crush the government of North Carolina's efforts to preserve privacy and security in public bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers.
That makes no sense at all. The government of North Carolina is now – under cover of law – actively discriminating against gay and transgender citizens. It is the position of the Obama administration that such discrimination violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. North Carolina preemptively sued the United States in federal court. The U.S. has now counter-sued.

The Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (North Carolina's circuit) has already ruled in favor (at least partially) of the Obama administration's position. The district court now hearing the case is bound by precedence within the circuit.

What does any of this have to do with dissent or banning of same? Apparently taking a position contrary to Schwarzwalder Christian extremist beliefs means that one seeks to “crush” the Christians. Fascism is an authoritarian right-wing system of government that typically circumvents the courts. How can Schwarzwalder cry fascism when a matter is being settled by the courts?

Most of the readers of Schwarzwalder's little opus won't ask any of these questions. Neither will his employer which is an active anti-gay hate group.

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