Thursday, May 5, 2016

Glenn Stanton makes his usual mess of things

Glenn Stanton
Glenn Stanton is a spokesman for Focus on the Family. Stanton has degrees in history and philosophy. Stanton often refers to himself as a scientist but he has never (to the best of my knowledge) published a paper in a peer reviewed scholarly journal. Stanton has the pretentious habit of referencing his own articles as if they were scholarly cites, using the form “(Stanton, 2006).” Ugh.

Today we have Stanton on Target Corporation: “4 Ways Target Created Its Own Mess, And What You Can Do About It” in the National Catholic Register. It's nothing more than religion based bigotry regarding LGBT people who Stanton insists don't really exist. Before I get into this I am not so sure that Target created a mess. Christians prudes did that. Yesterday I tried on some junk clothing at H&M on Lincoln Road. They have a unisex fitting room with a woman assigning the stalls. You close the curtain, try on your stuff, get dressed, open the curtain and nobody dies in the process. Target may have attracted more real customers than it actually lost. Middle aged conservative Christian might not be their ideal demographic. But I digress. Getting back to Stanton:
(1) Gender identity is entirely subjective. According to current gender theory in the LGBT movement—a group that actually does not exist as most believe it does—one’s gender identity exists solely in the mind of the person making the claim …
Stanton claims that LGBT people don't really exist. It's an hors d'oeuvre of  chilled religious bullshit. Moreover, gender identity is not subjective. The overwhelming consensus of medical and social science is that a trans woman is, for all intents and purposes, a woman. Likewise, a transgender man.
(2) Therefore, any man can enter and occupy any woman’s restroom. This is exactly why a man on a now-deleted YouTube video was told emphatically by the manager at his local Target store that he most certainly could enter the woman’s restroom as a man. …
Ah, the two-day old room temperature fish course. Discount gas station sushi. We know that some idiot Christian wanted to make a point at Target. The fact is that people do not pretend to be the opposite sex in order to gain entry to bathrooms in order to see naked ankles. It is pointless.
(3) The old policy was not a problem to leading pro-gay groups. The Human Rights Campaign is the world’s largest organization working for so-called gay rights. One of their key projects is their Corporate Equality Index, an annual report rewarding major corporations who do everything HRC requires for the dignity and respect of their LGBT employees. Their 2016 report rewarded Target with a 100 percent rating. …
A main course of medium rare mule with a sauce bernaise. Target feels that they are acting in the best interests of their customers and their employees in their stores.
(4) There was no problem in the first place. In an effort to get ahead of the unexpected public backlash to their new policy,  …
Desert is served; Cherry pits jubilee. Since Stanton is repeating himself,  Target feels that they are acting in the best interests of their customers and their employees in their stores. Stanton has a solution for concerned Christians:
1. Go to the Customer Service counter of your local Target store and kindly ask if you can speak to the manager.

2. Kindly introduce yourself to the manager and ask his/her name if you want.

3. Explain with a calm voice and a smile—and if you are nervous doing so, admit that to the manager, because it humanizes you—something like the following:

I have shopped at this Target store with my children for X years and I have always enjoyed it. It’s always (and offer a sincere compliment: well managed/stocked, employees are always kind and helpful, very clean, etc.)

But as a mom/dad, I am extremely concerned about your corporations’ (don’t make it about them personally) new bathroom and changing rooms policy and I suppose it hasn’t been easy for you as a manager. But allowing people of either sex to use the restroom they feel most comfortable with opens up a number of problems for me as a mom/dad and the security, modesty and comfort of my girls and boys.

Because of that, I can no longer be comfortable shopping here and I regret that. I am happy for you to share my concerns with your corporate leadership.

4. Shake their hand and thank them for listening to your concerns. Turn and walk away.
I would instruct my manager to say “thank you for sharing your concern” and then shut up. The hardest part is getting employees to shut the hell up when they should but that's a topic for a different blog.

This is an imaginary problem. The fitting rooms should not concern anyone. Many stores have unisex areas. Honestly, I didn't run amok at H&M waving my dick around and nobody else does either. Also, there just aren't that many transgender people to be concerned about and, at the risk of being repetitive, people don't pretend to be the opposite sex to enter a bathroom. Take a look at the photo below:
All seven of these men are transgender. Imagine any of them trying to use the ladies' room. I suspect that most of the transgender people that we deal with aren't known to us as transgender. People would be indifferent to any of those guys using a men's room or Jazz Jennings using a women's room. This is largely a manufactured controversy. If anything people should be ashamed to participate with American Family Association, a certified hate group.

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