Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hate group explains to hate group how Mexico is going to pay for Trump's wall

William Gheen
William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, tells American Family Association's “news” site that his organization will hold Trump accountable to keeping his promises. ALIPAC and AFA are both designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We have no way of telling whether Donald Trump will or will not keep his promises. But since we have endorsed him, we can always drop endorsement. And I promised the people that if Donald Trump begins to break any of his major promises to the American public, ALIPAC will be the first to drop our endorsement. ALIPAC will be the first to go after him with all the fury and force we can carry.
I suppose that he could be talking about a second term endorsement. The only way to know whether or not Trump will keep his promises (build the wall and have Mexico pay for it) is for him to be elected president. ALIPAC's endorsement at that point, at least for a first term, is irrelevant. Just thinking about the prospect of a Trump second term caused my body to do the equivalent of what a golden retriever does to shed water.

Gheen explains how Mexico pays for the wall:
The options range from stopping the remittances that they send home and stopping the IRS from giving out over four billion dollars worth of earned income credit to Mexican illegal immigrants each year, to tariffs and other things.
By remittances that they send home I guess that he is referring to money that immigrants send back to their native countries. How does one stop that and how does that create found money to pay for Trump's little project? Even if you somehow could do this, Mexico is not paying for the wall.

The earned income credit requires a social security number, something that is generally limited to US citizens. What he is talking about is really the federal child tax credits through an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The child tax credit went into effect in 1998 and does not require a social security number. It should be noted that these people are paying payroll taxes including social security with no benefit. Were Congress to change the law then Mexico would not be providing offsetting revenues to the U.S.. Our expenses to the working poor would be reduced. That is not getting Mexico to pay for Trump's wall. Making poor people poorer, even those who are here illegally, sounds like a terrible idea.

Tariffs? What neither Trump nor Gheen seem to understand is that we have a unique production sharing agreement with Mexico because 40% of what we import from Mexico is actually produced in the United States. For example, between 2009 and 2014 the U.S. imported a total of $341 billion in cars and car parts from Mexico. $136 billion of that was the 40 percent that Mexico bought from us to install in cars assembled in Mexico, then exported to the U.S.. When we correctly adjust the raw numbers we have a considerable positive balance of trade with Mexico. This trade, by the way, supports an estimated six million U.S. jobs. Fucking with tariffs to pay for building a fucking wall that shouldn't be built in the first place will have considerable negative consequences.

Other things? Will they be as intellectually stimulating as the first two, pray tell?

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