Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jerry Boykin tries to explain away calling for anti-LGBT violence

Jerry Boykin
It was just a joke.

According to Bob Eschliman at Charisma News Family Resesarch Council was not Jerry Boykin's “day job.” Boykin's title at FRC is “Executive Vice President” and for the year ended September 30, 2014 he was paid $152 thousand. Nice for an avocational pursuit.
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin (ret.) is best known for his work with the Family Research Council, but until Tuesday, his day job had been as the Wheat Visiting Professor in Leadership in the Department of Government & Foreign Affairs at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.

Eschliman goes on to write:
It used to be his day job, because the college—affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA)—fired him after fiery comments he made in opposition to the Obama administration's transgender mandate to public schools. He acknowledged the firing Tuesday evening with a posting on his Facebook page.
That post reads, in part (now quoting Boykin):
The bottom line is that I oppose these so called "‪#‎Bathroom‬" bills that let men go into women's locker rooms, showers, and toilets and I have been very public about it. When I said in Orlando that "...the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery," the LGBT community once again came after me, claiming that I was calling for violence against ‪#‎transgender‬ people.
Boykin is either an ignoramus or a liar (possibly both). These accommodations permit transgender women access to women's facilities — not men. Boykin did call for violence and Boykin did call for violence against transgender people. After all, Boykin is wed to, and perpetrates, the misconception that transgender women are just men with wigs dressed as women.

The retired general continues:
Well, that is simply not the case and I have never called for violence against anyone. I was referring to perverts who will use these policies to get into locker rooms with girls and women, and I object to that. My statement was meant to be humor and not a call for violence, which everyone in my audience understood as humor.
What Boykin's audience understood is that transgender women are perverts. That was the intended inference no matter what he says now. Boykin also has some very odd ideas about what is humorous. There is nothing funny about threatening to beat the crap out of someone. Even less so when that someone is a member of a vulnerable minority.
Nonetheless, I gave the LGBT community just what they needed to pressure the college leadership to terminate me and they did.
Right. He says hateful things and it is our fault. He takes no responsibility whatsoever for his words and actions. None. Later on:
Folks, this is immoral and dangerous to allow predators to enter any place where a woman has the right to expect privacy and security. I hope that all who read this will take a stand to protect our wives, mothers, and daughters/granddaughters. This is not about what happened to me at the college. I am done there and the school will not miss me. It is a good school but it is changing like all colleges. Focus rather on the real issue of stopping the insanity that endangers the women and girls that we care about in our lives.
What is immoral and dangerous is to continue to equate transgender women with dangerous predators. Transgender women are the only people afforded access to women's facilities. To the best of my knowledge no transgender person has been charged with a crime as a result of accommodations where permitted by applicable law. Minnesota has had this on the books for about 40 years without incident.

This false rhetoric is not unintentional. Boykin and his pals at Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, are determined to confuse the issue. There is an explicit theme that transgender people are a threat to children. It is that kind of propaganda that caused FRC to be designated as a hate group in the first place.

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