Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lacking any mission NOM goes bathroom batsh*t - Asks for money

Having failed to ban same-sex marriage Brian S. Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, is attaching himself to every anti-LGBT cause du jour in order to find something to do. Now it is bathrooms and yet another redefinition of NOM:
NOM is one of the few groups willing to challenge the LGBT extremists and take on their radical agenda. We will not be cowed by threats of retaliation, boycotts or others forms of intimidation. We will continue to speak the truth and oppose policies the extremists want to impose on our nation, especially when they put children at risk.

“One of the few groups…” Are you kidding me? There are scores of Christian anti-LGBT groups. NOM has entered some heavily occupied space. In claiming that LGBT people pose a risk to children, NOM is meeting the criteria for being listed as a hate group which is space that they should prefer not to reside in.

Apparently boycotts are a form of intimidation which was exactly what NOM called for against Target. NOM entered the Target fray on May 5. Less than a week later, Target executives met with AFA's Tim Wildmon, informing him that their boycott failed. Causation of correlation? Brian Brown's Reverse Midas?

And you all know what comes next:
In addition to signing our petition, I am asking you to make an emergency financial contribution of $25, $50 or $100 or more so that we can aggressively push back against President Obama and rally the American people to demand this dangerous directive be revoked before girls and women are harmed.
Of course! Signing their petition and giving money to NOM are certain to cause the administration to reconsider its assessment of Title IX. It all makes perfect sense.

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