Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The ever confused Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas
When the confused Eric Metaxas is not tweeting about “Hitlery Clinton” the confused Eric Metaxas is intent on confusing others with biblical bullshit. On his blog, Metaxas writes about “Five Things You Can Do about Transgender Restrooms.” One of which, by the way, is to buy a DVD from Metaxas.

Did I mention that Metaxas is confused? What exactly is a “transgender restroom?” Do such things exist? However, what attracted my attention is this bit of nonsense:
Christians need to be clear on who the enemy is not. Many gender-confused school children are themselves the victims of very bad ideas. They’re being misled by those who would advance theories and policies that deny observable biological realities. Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. Your family, your church, and your Christian community may be called upon to do victim care. Develop a plan now.
The confused Eric Metaxas refers to transgender children as gender-confused while at the same time seeming to claim that he doesn't want to demonize them. Apparently Mr. Metaxas' BA allows him to be at odds with the best information available from medical and social science. Because the Bible tells him so? Moreover, I can assure Mr. Metaxas that the last place on earth that these children will ever seek comfort is the Christian community that insists — from superstition — that these children do not really exist. Christians are their oppressors. What precisely would Metaxas' plan include? Memorization of scripture? Very helpful.

All this would be irrelevant were it not for the fact that Metaxas is widely considered to be an intellectual; a great thinker.  It seems preposterous to presume that someone who accepts millennia old religious texts as absolute truth is a deep (let alone critical) thinker. To further suggest that those millennia old religious texts supersede modern science and discovery is spectacularly stupid. That is not faith. That is religious observance that is orthodox to the point of absurdity.

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