Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tony Perkins' alternate reality in FRC money-beg

Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Tony Perkins, leader of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, must believe that his supporters are idiots. Perhaps they are. In an email to those supporters received Friday evening titled “Don't let them kick natural marriage to the curb!” Perkins warns of a sinister plot within the GOP.
With all the media "noise" about the upcoming Republican Convention in Cleveland, I'm concerned that a serious threat is slipping under the radar. And I need your help to stop it.

Republican establishment activists soft on family values are planning an all-out attempt to radicalize the 2016 Republican Party Platform.

How? By stripping away time-honored language defending natural marriage and calling instead for a "thoughtful conversation" about what marriage really is. What they are really after is destroying the marriage plank by making it affirm court-created same-sex marriage.
Later on:
For decades, the Republican Party platform has firmly stood for the sanctity of life and the vital importance of natural marriage and the family.

But now, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer has donated millions of dollars to undermine this and strip away any platform language that might be considered "discriminatory" to those who engage in homosexual behavior.
I am struck by the complete disconnect from reality. The issue of same-sex marriage has been settled. There is not much that Republicans are ever going to do to change that. Aside from having a gay son Paul Singer is a realist. Even the effort to overturn Obergefell would be counter-productive if they would like to have a chance of ever having a GOPer in the White House again. The reality is that the very Christian Perkins is now going to be supporting a serial philanderer with multiple divorces and bankruptcies. In truth Secretary Clinton is the far more Christian candidate. The spew from the hate group leader is going to get interesting over the next six months.

Call me a cynic …

Perkins understands the reality. This is followed by “Here's why we can't let this happen” which links to FRC Action's website and there (if you can get the damned page to resolve) we get:
Tony, I'll be standing with you in spirit as you fight to defend natural marriage in the Republican Party's 2016 Platform when you serve on the Platform Committee.

We can't let liberal radicals and a hedge fund billionaire determine the future of the Republican Party when so much is at stake.

I understand FRC Action will be attending the convention in force to defend natural marriage and to influence all aspects of the Republican Party's platform.

I agree that the 2016 election is critical. Our efforts today will determine the kind of America we live in as Christians and the legacy we pass on to our children.

To help shape the issues and bring godly leaders into office, I will give strategically and generously today.
I suppose that Perkins can get away with not answering the obvious question having to do with the connection between donations and what he can accomplish at the convention. It seems that the holier-than-thou set has an unholy view of other people's money.

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