Friday, May 13, 2016

Tony Perkins: "Protect Our Children"

Tony Perkins - FRC
According to Tony Perkins, children need protection from LGBT Americans and the Obama administration. If Perkins, leader of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council, would stop claiming that LGBT people pose a threat to children that might be a step towards acceptance in polite society. Who knows? It might even advance his interests in not being labeled a hate group. Then again if he did that then Tony Perkins, a Christian extremist, would cease to be Tony Perkins.

An an email to supporters this morning with the subject “We cannot walk away from this crisis,” Perkins claims:
Protect Our Children!

The Obama administration is ramping up its efforts to force public schools to allow students to use the restroom and locker rooms of the opposite sex. Boys who are clearly boys would be free to use the girls' facilities and vice versa.

And if parents and students object? They are either ignored or vilified as bigots.
All of the above is in bold print and hyper-linked to a donation page (which is what this is really about). Perkins goes on to claim that this is all part of some grand conspiracy:
FRC has a plan to counteract this outrage, and you are part of it. But first, let me explain why public school restrooms have become "Ground Zero" in the effort to destroy Christian morality, religious freedom, and the next generation, using "gender identity" as a weapon.
Perkins' intended inference in the first quoted block is that any boy could pretend to be a girl in order to use the girls' facilities as predators. That is simply not the case. That is a lie intended to mislead others. When it comes to the Christian morality that Perkins refers to in the second quote block, I thought that includes honesty. Perkins is exceedingly comfortable telling falsehoods about LGBT people in order to bring in donations. And I do not call misled students and parents bigots. I call Mr. Perkins a bigot and a liar as well as the others who are responsible for misleading students and parents.

This is, indeed, about protecting our children. We need to protect a minuscule minority of extremely vulnerable and fragile transgender students. All this noise is about protecting one kid in a 1,200 student high school. What the fuck Tony? He must enjoy his status as a hate group leader.

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