Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ADF still pimping the florist - Oh, and they need $3 mil by June 30

When Alliance Defending Freedom claims that they need money to defend religious freedom that means the freedom to discriminate. We saw this recently with a small company in Phoenix called Brush and Nib. It is a web-based calligraphy business that makes invitations. ADF has gone to court in an attempt to allow these folks to discriminate against gay couples—in advance. No gay couple has patronized their business, ADF has no hope of prevailing and taxpayers pick up the tab for frivolous litigation.

The latest missive from the leader, Alan Sears includes:
With less than 10 days left in our current fiscal year, Alliance Defending Freedom is facing a $3 million budget need. Meeting this need is essential, because threats to religious freedom continue to mount.

This is no time to step back from the battle! And with God's grace and your help, we won't have to.
There should not be a battle in the first place. Because of slavish devotion to ancient chronicles of dubious provenance LGBT citizens and taxpayers are routinely discriminated against in public accommodations, employment and housing. ADF seeks public policy derived from superstition. It is their version of sharia.

Later on there is this part:
You've read the stories of some of our clients. You know they're everyday Christians who never imagined that their faith would make them targets ... until it did.

Like Barronelle Stutzman, whose case will now be heard by the Washington Supreme Court, they would say to you that they just want the freedom to live and work faithfully ... without fear of punishment.

That simple, God-given, and constitutionally protected freedom is increasingly being denied.
Sears has it backwards. It is LGBT people who have been targeted for discrimination. She just wants to live faithfully? How innocent and lovely. Stutzman wants a permission slip to disobey Washington's nondiscrimination law. She wants to be allowed to deny service to gay couples. We have become so accustomed to this behavior that sometimes we—I—lose sight of just how disgusting this is.

This issue was settled by Justice Scalia some 26 years ago in Employment Division v. Smith. There are not religious exemptions to otherwise valid laws. The right to discriminate is most certainly not constitutionally protected. Washington taxpayers are picking up the tab for futile and offensive litigation while these folks pretend that the Establishment Clause doesn't say what it says.

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