Tuesday, June 7, 2016

AFA thinks that they are going to set the agenda for Target's annual meeting

Target (NYSE:TGT) will hold its annual shareholders' meeting on Wednesday. According to an email sent on Tuesday, the anti-gay hate group American Family Association plans to have a representative attend. Only owners of common stock holding shares at the close of business on April 11, 2016 are permitted to attend the meeting. AFA started this insanity on April 21. Either they do not understand how this works or they found someone who owns a share or two of Target on the record date. The meeting has a very hefty agenda. Its purpose is for shareholders to vote on a number of matters. It is not intended as a forum and recording devices are explicitly prohibited.

According to AFA:
Tomorrow, June 8, a representative from the American Family Association will attend Target's annual shareholder meeting in Costa Mesa, California. At this meeting, AFA will share the concerns of over 1.3 million American families regarding Target's dangerous bathroom and dressing room policy.
Maybe, maybe not. It depends upon the amount of time available for questions and who is selected. Should this occur, Target will be prepared to swiftly dispose of the matter.
In April, Target decided to publicize its corporate policy to allow men to use the same restrooms and dressing rooms as women and little girls. We view this policy as dangerous because it allows sexual predators easy access to members of the opposite sex and ultimately easy access to their victims.
Not really. The policy allows transgender people to use the facility where they are most comfortable which is usually the one that is consistent with their gender identity. “Sexual predators” don't seem to be interested in pretending to be trans in order to gain access to a bathroom.
To show how out of line Target's policy is, the ACLU director in Georgia recently stepped down from her position after she and her daughters were frightened when three large transgendered men entered the restroom they were using. If you aren't aware, the ACLU has been a staunch advocate for the transgender bathroom policies.
That is totally false. She accepted the position at the ACLU in Atlanta after the alleged incident supposedly occurred in Oakland, California. Moreover, those would have been transgender women. I continue to be highly doubtful that this incident ever happened. Furthermore, her transphobia has no bearing on this matter. She doesn't allege to have been threatened or harmed in any way whatsoever.
Since we launched the #BoycottTarget campaign, over 1.3 million Americans have said "No" to Target's ill-advised policy. In May, we hand delivered the first 1 million boycott Target signatures and this week we will publicly share our concerns at Target's annual shareholder meeting.
Target has already said that they are not interested. Meanwhile, I have made sure that some executives at Target are aware of this. The Annual Meeting is not the place to air an anti-LGBT diatribe from a whacked out Christian fundamentalist hate group.

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