Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brush and Nib bigotry at taxpayers' expense - UPDATED

You might recall my prior post about Brush and Nib, owned by Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski. The two young women are calligraphers in Phoenix. They have not been asked to make invitations for a same-sex wedding but fear that they might be in the future. Apparently were they to make gay wedding invitations they would turn into salt or some such nonsense. So Jeremy Tedesco of Alliance Defending Freedom to the rescue. ADF has filed a pre-enforcement challenge to Phoenix's nondiscrimination ordinance. The City of Phoenix has hired outside counsel (at considerable expense I am sure) and there is a pre-trial conference tomorrow. Just take a look at what this bullshit has already cost the taxpayers, and the meter is still running.

Update: I have been advised that the motion to dismiss is still pending.

By the way, ADF has virtually no chance of prevailing. They haven't won one of these yet.

Filing DateDescriptionDocket DateFiling Party
6/6/2016 066 - ME: Case Reassigned 6/6/2016 
5/31/2016 066 - ME: Case Reassigned 5/31/2016 
5/31/2016 MTD - Motion To Dismiss 5/31/2016 
NOTE: Motion to Dismiss 
5/31/2016 MOT - Motion 5/31/2016 
NOTE: Motion for Extension of Time and for Scheduling Conference 
5/27/2016 066 - ME: Case Reassigned 5/27/2016 
5/25/2016 NJR - Notice of change of Judge for right 5/26/2016 
NOTE: Defendant's Notice of Change of Judge 
5/24/2016 NOF - Notice Of Filing 5/25/2016 
NOTE: Plaintiffs Notice of Filing First Amended Verified Complaint and Incorporation by Reference 
5/24/2016 AMC - Amended Complaint 5/25/2016 
NOTE: First Amended Verified Complaint 
5/24/2016 MOT - Motion 5/25/2016 
NOTE: Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to File a Supplemental Declaration Supporting Their Motion for Preliminary Injunction 
5/23/2016 AFS - Affidavit Of Service 6/2/2016 
5/20/2016 NJR - Notice of change of Judge for right 5/23/2016 
NOTE: Plaintiffs' Notice of Judge Change 
5/19/2016 NAR - Notice Of Appearance 5/19/2016 
NOTE: Notice of Appearance 
5/19/2016 CAN - Credit Memo Appearance Fee Paid 5/20/2016 
NOTE: Credit Memo/Appearance Fee Paid 
5/12/2016 COM - Complaint 5/12/2016 
5/12/2016 CCN - Cert Arbitration - Not Subject 5/12/2016 
5/12/2016 CSH - Coversheet 5/12/2016 
5/12/2016 MOT - Motion 5/12/2016 
Case Calendar
6/9/2016 9:00 Pre-Trial Conference 

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