Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chris Doyle reemerges at just the right time

Christopher Doyle
Christopher Doyle isn't pleased that Vermont banned reparative “therapy” for minors. Thank dog because it has become tedious to retype or cut-and-paste my activism in support of transgender accommodations day after day after day. According to the “news” blog of the anti-gay hate group American Family Association, Doyle is the “co-coordinator of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality with Equality and Justice for All.Wow!

According to the piece, Doyle “says it's strange the bill was passed because they couldn't find a single counselor in Vermont who actually worked with the youth.” Failing to find someone practicing the pseudo-science of reorientation therapy (or whatever the hell they are calling it on Thursday) doesn't mean that people haven't done it, aren't doing it or were not going to do it in the future. Now they are not going to do it and, perhaps, it sends a message to parents with gay kids. If this prevents just one kid from being abused in this manner then I am satisfied.

According to Doyle:
What that tells us is that gay activists are really more interested in scoring cheap political points than [they are in] solving actual problems and finding solutions to that - and that's not what we're trying to do.

We're trying to improve our therapy quality, make access to therapy for those who want it easier and better, and to help people.
I dare you to diagram that first sentence. The bottom line is that it is not a therapy. There is nothing wrong with gay people. They don't need to get fixed, repaired or reoriented. Doyle has an MA and is a licensed counselor. According to his own professional organization the responsible thing to do is to help children feel comfortable with their sexual orientation. Telling them that they need to be psychologically renovated only shames them. It also sends a message that parents did something wrong — Jewish guilt visited on Christians.

Gay activists have a goal and it is not scoring political points. We want to prevent people—like Doyle— from fucking up more children and their parents. Reorientation therapy is used (and was devised) to underpin anti-gay bigotry. It attempts to provide a basis (which is unsupportable) for the mythology that sexual orientation is a choice. It does so in an attempt to conform social and medical science to scripture.

According to the piece:
In 2014 and 2015, the task force convinced lawmakers to kill bills that would ban the therapy for minors in 15 states. Nine bills were killed or stalled this year, leading Doyle to say lawmakers understand young people should not be left in a state of sexual confusion. According to Doyle, therapy does help for those who want it.
“The task force?” Is that Doyle and uber-crackpot Richard Cohen? Very compelling. I don't know if those numbers are true but I find it odd that Doyle asserts that children who don't get his unsupported therapy are “left in a state of sexual confusion.” Confusion occurs when people attempt to recondition the sexual orientation of kids. If one child is able to suppress his or her sexual orientation in order to claim to be heterosexual, how many children are severely damaged in the process?

According to Doyle's website:
Youth that seek therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions believe there are specific causes for their homosexual attractions, such as sexual abuse, and this therapy helps them resolve those causes and the homosexual desires that are a consequence. Counselors are not converting gay youth—they’re actually affirming their clients’ desires to live a heterosexual life.
Sexual abuse turns kids gay? Doyle uses abused children in an attempt to demonstrate a need for his BS. What other “specific causes” are there? Sexual abuse does cause confusion but those kids need real therapy that supports the fact that the child is not responsible for the actions of his or her abuser. Abused kids are not the problem. The problem is Christian parents marching their little gay kids into the office of a crackpot like Doyle and saying “fix him.” I propose that we fix Doyle and all the other practitioners of this snake oil by precluding them from doing it on children.

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