Friday, June 10, 2016

Christian Post polemicist thinks everyone is as stupid as ...

Napp Nazworth
According to By Napp Nazworth, Christian Post political analyst:
If you enjoy stumping your liberal friends, ask, "are sex chromosomes real?" and watch them squirm.
  • Nazworth doesn't have any liberal friends and, possibly, has no friends at all.
  • I am not stumped.
  • Yes, sex chromosomes are real.
  • I am not squirming.
As the transgender debate has heated up over the past few weeks, I've asked several of my liberal friends if they believe sex chromosomes are real. Disturbingly, none have answered thus far.

Add these to the list of Nazworth's imaginary friends. Not to cut this lengthy—yet intellectually stimulating—discourse short but gender dysphoria acknowledges the role of sex chromosomes. Moreover there is no “transgender debate.” There are transgender citizens and there are those who deny their existence because of some chronicle written thousands of years ago. Critical thinkers accept science over superstition.

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