Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Classy Gary Cass writes a negative obit for Muhammad Ali

You just knew that some Christian schmuck would come along and criticize Muhammad Ali for his faith in Islam. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation League has done just that. Very classy for a guy who has no problem defaming Muslims.

I do not have much use for religion but I admire Ali for taking a stand that cost him what would have been the most lucrative 3½ years of his career. Cas-s writes:
As a civil rights activist there is much to admire, but apparently out of anger Ali embraced Islam, and not just Islam, a very controversial, racist branch of it. How many young black men have been influenced by Ali's example?
And if young black men did follow Ali's example? I am not a sociologist and neither is Cass. Neither of us is qualified to render an opinion on the effect of young black men joining the Nation of Islam. How does that affect crime rates and fatherhood in the inner city? Just because I have little use for religion doesn't mean that others do not benefit from the structure and social code.

Cutting to the chase:
Ali refused to serve in the military and went to jail for it. As an athlete he was a great boxer, as a humanitarian and civil rights leader he was inspiring, but his patriotism was at best marred and sadly his immortal soul is in a place of eternal torment because he denied Christ, the only Savior of the world.
His patriotism was marred? We live in a time when petty conservative Christians seem to think that they have the right to be conscientious objectors to same-sex marriage and refuse service to gay couples. In their self-absorption they believe that they are heroes for risking a fine. None of them have shown even the slightest interest in the effect that their bigotry has on gay people.

Compare that to Muhammad Ali who objected to being part of killing people 9,000 miles away for no discernibly good reason other than to prevent losing a war that we never should have waged in the first place. Ali was willing to sacrifice his liberty and he did sacrifice many millions of dollars for a principle. I happen to believe that he was right but even if you disagree with Ali's stance on the Vietnam war you have to respect what Ali did.
Ali was famous for being willing to sign autographs, sometimes for hours. The reason he said he did it was because he was trying to merit heaven. Sorry folks, but NO ONE will be saved by any amount of good works. We all desperately need Christ to rescue us from our sin and give us eternal life.

Unfortunately, by his example Ali has given Islam and racism cover. Ali abused his international celebrity status to lead many to his own doomed fate. ‪#‎EternalLifeMatters‬.
Just disgusting. This same BS is the predicate for anti-Semitism as well. There are times when people should have the courtesy and common sense to say nothing.

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