Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CP polemicist: "Orlando Massacre: Compassion for Gays Doesn't Mean You Have to Agree With Them"

Rick McDaniel
“Decades of hateful rhetoric are not overcome with a moment of decency.”
Rick McDaniel wants us to know just how magnanimous Christians have been in response to the Orlando massacre:
The Orlando tragedy has touched everyone in America. The response from the Christian community has been incredible. A diverse group of Christian leaders such as Bill Hybels, Christine Caine, T.D. Jakes, Samuel Rodriguez and Russell Moore have tweeted and written strong messages of support for the victims, their families and the larger LGBT community.
Not to be rude but I am not interested in tweets or messages that say “Our thoughts and prayers are with …” That is the wrong message. Tweets do nothing to change the toxic climate for gay people which is at least partially responsible for events in Orlando. Scanning that list, Samuel Rodriguez has been exceptionally offensive. Russell Moore is the grownup in that group and I gave him credit for renouncing conversion therapy. However, Moore subsequently signed on to a Robert George et al piece at Witherspoon Institute's blog claiming  that Christians are being persecuted and lose religious freedom unless they have the right to discriminate against LGBT people in public accommodations.

Christians like Moore have been literally yelling that gays are responsible for taking away their religious liberty. Furthermore, when did any of these people ever denounce the hate coming from folks like Tony Perkins and Tim Wildmon? Absent that needed censure they effectively endorse the notion that we are sick perverts who pose a threat to children. The Homosexual Agenda™, after all, is to get into little Bobby's pants and recruit him. If you listen closely, that is the dog whistle. “LGBT people are more than twice as likely to be the target of a violent hate-crime than Jews or black people,” according to Mark Potok, a senior fellow at SPLC.

These people need to take some responsibility for the violence against LGBT people. They have denigrated and dehumanized us. What do they expect? When McDaniel is done telling us how wonderful they all are he demonstrates his utter ignorance:
The response from some of the LGBT community to such an outpouring of love and support has been stunning. Certainly it is understandable that some gays may feel animus towards Christians over the gay marriage battle. It is true that many Christians hold to the Bible's teaching on the sinfulness of homosexuality and that upsets some gays. But here is an opportunity to simply receive love and support and it is rebuffed.
“Poor us.” It's all about Christians. Actually it was a well deserved “Fuck You!” Decades of hateful rhetoric are not overcome with a moment of decency. McDaniel concludes:
Name-calling and stereotyping Christians for what they believe is exactly what gays don't want done to them. Christians have a right to speak what they believe just as gays have a right to speak what they believe.

But we are in full agreement on this: We agree terrorizing gays is wrong. We agree no one should be treated unfairly or bullied. We believe hatred is evil and love is supreme. We agree people need support when they are grieving and hurting. I would hope we could focus on it during this difficult time.
That is all lovely but religion is not a permission slip to be uncivil. The problem is that these people have bibles that came with the anti-gay passages highlighted in yellow. While most of them have abandoned geocentrism and murdering insolent children they have yet to reconcile scripture with the realities of sexual orientation and sexual identity.  From where I sit it seems that conservative Christians have two desperate needs: They must feel persecuted and they must have an enemy.

They used to torture and torch witches. They have put the rack in cold storage but we are demonized instead. Are they intentionally inciting violence? Probably not. However they have failed to accept responsibility for the climate of hate. You cannot claim that gay people are taking away your freedom and your liberties without some people taking the absurdism seriously.

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