Thursday, June 16, 2016

How the mighty have fallen - Brian Brown groveling for 12.5K

Under Brian S. Brown's direction National Organization for Marriage once expended nearly $700 thousand in legal fees looking for a big payday from the IRS (they settled on $50,000). Mr. Misadventure at his best. If they are begging for mere $12,500 then they might be close to turning off the lights. Who knows?
As you know, the 2016 March for Marriage is scheduled for just 9 days from now and we are working around the clock to get ready for the big event. …

But there is one major element of preparation that needs immediate attention — we have a $12,500 shortfall that must be eliminated for the March to be completed on budget. Just a week ago we had a $25,000 shortfall, and with the help of many supporters have cut that in half. But unless we can raise the remaining $12,500 before June 25th, we run the risk of ending up in debt and having to cut other critical programs.
What other “critical programs?” This email has the tone of the ancient religious grift. “Give or else.” I wonder how many people will show up for this futile whatever-it-is. Who will be the speakers this time around?

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