Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jennifer Roback Morse: "The LGBT movement will NOT self-destruct"

Jennifer Roback Morse
Catholic extremists disagree. Jennifer Roback Morse, head of the anti-gay hate group Ruth Institute, addresses Rachel Lu's prediction that the LGBT movement will die out in her lifetime. According to Morse: “The fact that an ideology is incoherent does not mean that people are not deadly serious about implementing it.” It makes it hard to choose which one of these women is the nuttiest. Who knew that sexual orientation and sexual identity were “ideologies?” What on earth is Morse talking about?

According to Morse:
Lu suggests the LGBT movement is a passing fad: “Whether it’s Malthusian population controls, global temperature freak-outs, low-fat diets, or disco, it often seems that idiocy seems unassailable until suddenly it isn’t. A page turns, and the emperor has no clothes, as his folly becomes a cautionary tale for future generations.”
In other words, Lu is batshit crazy. I concur. Morse continues:
By contrast, I believe the LGBT movement is one feature of the overall movement called the Sexual Revolution. The Sexual Revolution is not like low-fat diets or disco. It is more like the other items on the list. I hate to break it to you, but population control and global temperature freak-outs are still with us.

Also, what do these three things—the Sexual Revolution, population control, and global warming ideology—all have in common? They are ideologies that demand total control over large numbers of people. These ideologies are appealing to some people, precisely for that reason: they imagine themselves as the controllers, not the controlees.
These are conspiracies? In other words, Morse is batshit crazy. Later on, just to drive the point home about her mental hygiene:
It is not possible to create an entire society in which sex does not make babies. Sex and child-bearing should both take place within marriage because children really do need their parents. Marriage is society’s institutional structure that allows children a stable and ongoing relationship with both parents. Finally, men and women actually are different, starting in the womb (little boys are less likely to survive pregnancy and childhood) and going all the way to differential causes of death.
I have to stop midway through this utterly fascinating polemic. Can we back the hell up for a moment (hopefully to re-cross the sanity/insanity meridian)? What does any of this have to do with sexual orientation or gender identity?

Catholic teachings are comprised of two things: Ancient texts and the judgments of prelates, none of whom seem to have the formal training necessary to authoritatively weigh in on human sexuality. In short, gay people might exist but they should be celibate and; Transgender people do not exist. They are just emotionally confused. The pope (who also lacks the necessary training) has claimed that gender dysphoria is an ideology. The pope is incorrect. Morse, by the way, has an advanced degree in economics which isn't terribly helpful.

In the real world there are mountains of peer reviewed research going back many decades. Most people believe that the investigators—social and medical scientists—who have done all this research are more knowledgeable about human sexuality than theologians and catechists.

With respect to sexual orientation, most people are heterosexual. Some people are homosexual. Some people are bisexual. Some people are asexual. That is not an ideology. That is scientific fact. The overwhelming majority of people have gender that is consistent with their chromosomes and genitalia. Some people are intersex and have ambiguous genitalia. Some of those people have ambiguous chromosomes. Some people have gender dysphoria. Again, this is all medical fact in contrast to ideology.

People resist discrimination based upon their sexuality. Nobody decided that it would be nifty to be gay or intersex  or transgender. When Morse stops insisting that everyone should conform to the beliefs of her church then I will stop calling her a bigoted purveyor of anti-LGBT hate. And that is an ideology.

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