Friday, June 17, 2016

LifeSiteNews is thoroughly confused by Trump gets its guidance from Donald Trump's simplistic 140 character or less fortune cookies. That can be problematic. Their Lisa Bourne writes:
Donald Trump promised to go to bat for the LGBT community, announcing his support on the heels of Sunday’s mass terror shooting in an Orlando gay nightclub.
“Thank you to the LGBT community!” Trump tweeted. “I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”
At the time Trump was saying that his proposed Muslim ban would have prevented the Orlando massacre, not realizing that the shooter was born in New York. His tweet was obviously an attempt to pander to the gay community which, on the whole, wasn't buying it. We tend not to be as stupid as Trump's incurious base. Later on Bourne writes:
Tuesday’s tweet was not the first instance where Trump suggested he supports special rights for homosexuals.
Isn't Ms. Bourne just precious? When it comes to special rights conservative Catholics and the Vatican are in a league of their own. Not content to have  their adherents follow their rules they have tried to impose their religious ideology on everyone else. They opposed the legalization of birth control medications, they continue to oppose reproductive choice on a massive scale and recently they spent millions of dollars trying to prevent marriage equality from becoming a reality. They are like the hypothetical group of rabbis trying to make the sale and consumption of pork illegal.

In between those two quotes there is some good stuff including this:
Conservative leaders have voiced sympathy and support for the Orlando terror victims and their loved ones from the outset, while also condemning the attack and reaffirming natural marriage.

"No one, straight or homosexual, should have to live in fear of being murdered in the street in America,” Richard Viguerie, chairman of, told LifeSiteNews. “So I think conservatives can and should oppose Islam's violent homophobia without buying into the larger gay political agenda, e.g. gay 'marriage'."
These folks cannot accept the simple fact that marriage is a settled issue. They didn't have any good reasons to oppose it before the ruling in Obergefell and they sure as hell haven't come up with anything better in the year since. Straight people aren't becoming gay and, at least so far, it hasn't rained frogs very frequently. The fact that the Vatican does not approve of gay people is—and should be—irrelevant to public policy.

Bourne continues:
At the same time they caution against reading too much into Trump’s LGBT tweet.

“We’re going to want him to clarify,” stated Bob Vander Plaats, president of The Family Leader, expressing hope this would be done next week when Trump meets privately with individual evangelical and conservative leaders from across the U.S. “I think to be fair, we have to ask him.”
They don't get it. They will never get it. They don't want to get it. Trump is going to tell these self-righteous superstitious fools whatever he thinks they want to hear. They, in turn, will respond with hosannas and accolades for the Trump. They would vote for someone who would knowingly blow up the world as long as he or she was sufficiently homophobic and anti-choice. They would do so with the certainty that their god has a good plan.
Vander Plaats’ organization had encouraged prayer for the victims, families and friends after the Orlando terror attack, saying the wounded and dead were “precious souls,” who were bore the image of God and were therefore “worthy of dignity, value, and respect.”
Vander Plaats can keep his fucking prayers. I would settle for some common decency.  Those gay people didn't seem to deserve dignity when he claimed that gays were a health risk akin to smoking. And what form of dignity was he referring to when he said that being gay was a a choice like polygamy or adultery. What kind of respect did he have in mind when he praised Vladimir Putin for Russia's draconian anti-gay laws?

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