Friday, June 17, 2016

NOM: "Happy Father's Day Weekend" - Now gimme money

Brian S. Brown
In case you forgot, National Organization for Marriage is having another silly marriage march later this month. It is a futile enterprise with respect to changing public policy but it does have two achievable objectives:
  1. It gives NOM a reason to exist and;
  2. It provides texture to requests for money.
From his email to supporters I am sure that you will find Brian Brown's little narrative quite compelling. Note the inherent sexism.
There is an old story about a father and his sons roughhousing in the front yard with a football, tearing up the turf in their careless play. Then the boys' mother came out on the front porch and yelled at the father that they were destroying the beautifully manicured lawn. He looked up from his position on the ground after having been tackled by his sons, and responded with a shrug, "We're not growing grass here; we're growing boys."

On this Father's Day weekend, as we at NOM continue to work hard in preparation for the 4th annual March for Marriage — now just a week away — I think that little story serves as an important reminder for all of us of the essential reasons why we're marching on June 25th.

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