Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Perhaps Trump's most idiotic promise

As expected, in his meeting with Evangelical Christian leaders Trump told them pretty much what they wanted to hear including his promise of nominating conservative justices to the Supreme Court. One of the odder promises was reported by theologian Joseph Mattera who is well known in conservative Christian circles:
He said that if Hillary Clinton were elected, she would repeal the Second Amendment. If he is elected, he would uphold the Second Amendment. He also said he received the endorsement of the NRA.
Assuming that Mattera is an accurate repeater, does Donald Trump not understand that the president doesn't get to repeal parts of the constitution? Does he not understand that an amendment is required to nullify an amendment? Does Trump not understand the process for getting a constitutional amendment proposed and ratified? This is civics 101 and this guy wants to be president.

Did he really say that?

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