Monday, June 6, 2016

Should transgender girls be permitted to compete in high school athletics?

Renée Richards
Renée Richards circa 1978
It was much easier to write about Kim Davis or some idiotic baker who thinks that his cholesterol laden concoctions are articles of faith. Some transgender issues cause us to question and to be critical thinkers. They are not always easy to resolve. However, there is nothing new about this issue. Renée Richards transitioned in 1975 and sued the USTA in 1977. Nearly 40 years ago she won a lawsuit that enabled her to play professional tennis as a woman. In the interests of full disclosure, Richards has expressed some uncertainty over having a biological advantage.

Enter high school athletics.

Some would say that it's just high school athletics but there are potential scholarships at stake. Biologically, males have greater natural muscle mass than female. On the other hand transgender girls take hormone. Those pills and injections cause them to physically develop like females. It seems like a level playing field to me.

I am sure that some nitwit has suggested that a boy might pretend to be transgender in order to take advantage of a lucrative scholarship. Those must be the same teens who will pretend to be trans to prey on girls in their restrooms.  Let me know when either of those events occur.

Locker rooms and showers could be the larger issue. Yet, in this day and age every teen knows what the genitalia of the opposite sex looks like. Do a Google search on penis and, once you get past Russian man chops off childhood friend’s penis after measuring contest goes wrong, we have the Wikipedia article on the human penis including a photo titled “flaccid penis.” Might some teen girls be embarrassed by a teammate sporting sporting a male missile? Perhaps but they will get over it. Should that prevent someone else from competing as a female? Absolutely not.

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