Monday, June 27, 2016

Strange doings in Washington State

Joseph Backholm launched Just Want Privacy which is a campaign to get an initiative on the ballot. The initiative, I-1515, would essentially eradicate transgender accommodations. Backholm, of course is on the payroll having received close to $3,000 over the last two month. Two others on the payroll are Mitch C. Hall and Kaeley A. Triller Haver. Under the name Kaeley Triller she wrote “A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms” at the Federalist. Fascinating no doubt. On the campaign's website the “Leadership Team” consists of Backholm (president of Family Policy Institute of Washington), Angela Connelly (president of the Washington Women's Network) and former state senator Joyce Mulliken.

Oh, and the credit cards are being processed through Brian Brown's ActRight which has received about $800 in fees through the end of May. So far nothing paid out to Frank Schubert or his company. If rumor is correct, that would occur after the initiative qualifies.

But here is what I find very odd. Right now the only thing that matters is signatures on petitions. Through the end of May they have only spent $7,500 on signature gathering and that is going to Omah Ekott in Fullerton, CA. Presumably there aren't a whole lot of Omah Ekotts in Fullerton. The one that I found claims to be CEO of “BarwOrC Ent.&Beat Club Clothing” which doesn't seem to have a web presence. The LinkedIn profile indicates education: “Fullerton—2002-2014.” Twelve years to possibly finish something. But there is more. Ekott's address is 1002 E. Walnut Avenue which seems to be this:
Does that look like a signature gatherer to you? And why are they using some unknown in Orange County California? It just doesn't make sense. Perhaps I should ask Backholm.

Here are the top contributors (over $1,000):
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In case you are wondering, TSC services is apparently in Lynwood, WA and has no web presence. Electric Mirror is a larger enterprise with more than 300 employees. Located in Everett they manufacture lighted mirrors on a rather grand scale. The guy with Wells Fargo is just a local executive so don't get on the bank's case.

According to Brian Brown, who sent out a money grub on behalf of Backholm, the campaign has an immediate need of $100,000 with a $50,000 matching donor (Sean Fieler I bet). As of the end of May, in round numbers, the campaign has raised $149K and has spent $55K.

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