Monday, June 6, 2016

The most preposterous refusal of service yet

This about tops it. In California a barber, Richard Hernandez, refused service to a transgender man, Kendall Oliver, because of his religious beliefs that preclude cutting a woman's hair. What possible defense will this nitwit have with the California Human Rights Commission? This was reported in the Advocate last March. Now that things are heating up we see a new victim developing. Interestingly the piece on American Family Association's news blog does not mention Hernandez by name. Give it time and Hernandez will be on the circuit of sorrows along with that florist who suits up for every appearance she can get.

According to Brad Dacus, head of the anti-LGBT hate group Pacific Justice Institute:
The state of California has been notorious in recent years in attempting to force people in business to have to change their faith or violate their faith in order to keep their jobs. This is just another classic example of such growing religious intolerance.
According to AFA which is designated an anti-LGBT hate group:
The plight of a California barber could demonstrate whether a person's religious beliefs are going to be tolerated in the state.
Oh please. The plight of the barber will demonstrate the degree to which California wants to wipe out bigotry accompanied with denials of service. According to the Advocate Kendall Oliver is a gender-nonconforming Army reservist and Afghanistan veteran.

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