Monday, June 20, 2016

Thomasson: '4 bills that got hates (and you should too)'

Randy Thomasson
Randy Thomasson with his favorite coloring book
Well now we know. Randy Thomasson ( speaks for his god which means that he speaks with his god. How frequently I wonder do those conversations occur and why him?

Behold the batshit:

Because California voters are increasingly foolish and immoral, their Democrat-controlled State Legislature, to the detriment of children and adults, is attacking God’s design of human life and His creation of two distinct sexes — male and female. According to the Bible, God hates these bad bills — and you should too.
That is followed by hyperlinked text that reads:
See why homosexual, bisexuality, and transsexuality are unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, and tyrannical
Presumably he means homosexuality. I am not trying to help him out. Just trying to make the insanity readable. Wanna know what the four bills are? Of  course you do you heathen. With the exception of the fourth bill, Thomasson has a major problem with LGBT people. His objections to the fourth are quite comical.

Seriously though; Thomasson is an easy target for ridicule. Yet what would it take for him or any of his ilk to inspire someone to violence? Keep in mind that Tony Perkins shares the same beliefs. So does Brian Brown. They just tailor their output for human consumption.
  1. AB 1732: Abolishes “men,” “women,” “boys” and “girls” single-user restrooms, naming them “all gender” instead; tramples religious freedom and private property rights; endangers women and girls
  2. SB 1146: Forces Christian colleges to promote homosexuality and transsexuality in admissions and hiring unless they specifically and publicly oppose it in their publications and postings on campus. SB 1146 tramples religious freedom and admits it. The official analysis of SB 1146 states, “This bill narrows the religious exemption afforded to these institutions, and requires disclosure of such exemption.”
  3. HR 54 (Assembly) and SR 79 (Senate): Officially celebrates “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.” Last year, 16 Republicans and the Democrats voted for this anti-family resolution.
  4. AB 253: Creates a new “human” market; permits young women to be paid for their ovarian eggs without being informed how this often leads to physical and psychological damage. AB 2531 would repeal the ban on payment to women for their oocytes (egg cells) if they were used for research. Two big reasons for the ban are: 1) the lack of data on the long-term effects on donors from ovarian stimulation involved in egg extraction, and 2) embryos produced from oocytes for research are human beings who are ultimately killed.

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