Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tony Perkins: "How do we respond when all eyes are on us?"

Tony Perkins
We ask for money—of course! Tony Perkins' latest email is a bit incoherent. Apparently, based on the subject, he is claiming that Family Research Council is being victimized though scrutiny because of the Orlando shooting. It is astonishing to suggest that an organization responsible for much anti-LGBT hate is somehow persecuted because someone does violence to gay people. Chutzpah! Perkins shifts gears:

The text continues:

He is one of the most hated men in America right now-under more intense scrutiny and pressure than most people could ever imagine.

I'm talking about Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina.

In March, Governor McCrory signed House Bill 2 (H.B. 2), giving businesses the freedom to set their own policies regarding the use of locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms, rather than being forced by the government to allow men into the women's room.
It is a lengthy email but it essentially says that because of the Orlando shooting people should give money to FRC which has something to do with North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory. Further on:
This Matching Challenge is a huge boost toward the $1.8 million we need to raise this month by midnight June 30 in order to end our fiscal year on target.

So please give what you can today to show your support for Governor McCrory and others fighting against the radical Left.

Right now FRC is doing everything we can to support Governor McCrory and his team.
What effect donations to FRC have on McCrory is unexplained. FRC has salaries to pay, including that of Tony Perkins.

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