Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wrong AFA - There is no sinister link between progressives and radical Islam

According to a new piece on American Family Association's “news” blog: “Mystery: The link between leftists, radical Islam. Who knew? The piece, which is a disjointed marvel of nuttiness goes on to say:
Some conservatives continue to find it mystifying that leftists refuse to criticize Islam, even in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in American history perpetrated by ISIS sympathizer.
It is true that, generally, we progressives do not criticize Islam any more than any other religion. We are more sensitive to Islam in America because it is a fragile minority that has been under tremendous stress since 9/11. However, we have no reluctance to criticize ISIS or al Qaeda or Islamic extremists. Where do they get the notion that progressives are somehow allies of ISIS (because that is what they are implying)?
Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families PAC, says it's beyond him why radical left-wing groups choose to ignore the Islamic world's treatment of homosexuals – and women, as well.

Bauer, Gary (American Values)"If, God forbid, the Islamist supremists ever bring down Western civilization, the first people who will be rounded up to be killed – in addition to Jews – will be sexual minorities, radical feminists, and their allies," he tells OneNewsNow.
Bauer has a political and social agenda. Gary: Please. People aren't that stupid. Trump tried the same bullshit. We do not ignore the treatment of LGBT people or women in the Muslim world. Just as we do not ignore Christian extremists and theocrats like Mr. Bauer.
Bauer argues that homosexual rights groups and Muslims – which are now well-identified voting constituencies for the political left – have absolutely nothing in common other than their disdain for American conservatives and Christians.
American Muslims often support LGBT rights (if Rep. Keith Ellison is an example). Unlike conservative Christians Muslims are not intent on imposing their religious beliefs on public policy. Unlike conservative Christians, they do not file amicus briefs opposing our equality in LGBT rights cases.
"It has been mystifying to see feminist groups that are pro-abortion verbally assaulting pro-life Christians for an alleged war on women," he remarks, "and at the same time [we can hear] a pin drop when it comes to criticizing the status of women in the Muslim world."
Oh come on. American women are interested primarily in women's rights in America. Later on:
"There's plenty of evidence that the federal government is purposely blinded to this radical ideology by virtue of the president's mandate," says Robert Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council.

"He specifically directed [to federal agencies] that you're not going to talk about Islamic influence on the war on terror. In fact, the Homeland Security people are likely to blame white supremists as being the main radical group in the United States, not Islamic terror. Clearly we're at war with Islamic terrorists."
I have no idea whatsoever what evidence or directive this guy is talking about—with his pretentious academic title at a hate group. He is intentionally confusing domestic with international issues. From what I can see, the Obama administration has been hunting down and killing terrorists by the bushel. They have done so without putting additional stress on the American Muslim community which has been an invaluable source of intelligence.
Since the shooting, information has surfaced that although Mateen had been married and fathered a child, he had strong homosexual leanings. Cord Cedeno told MSNBC he had contact with the shooter through homosexual hookup sites. "I recognized him from the apps, but I instantly blocked him because he was like very creepy in his messages and I blocked him immediately," he offered.
The shooter might have been a self-loathing gay man. What is the point? Wait for it …
Christopher Doyle, a spokesman for Equality and Justice for All and a licensed professional counselor, has taken a look at information surfacing about Marteen.
Oh here we go. Doyle. Mr. crackpot himself.
"He comes from a very oppressive family and faith [where] he wasn't really able to discuss this issue or get help," Doyle tells OneNewsNow. "Then he goes into the gay bar, seemingly to get acceptance and love, and he's rejected there. So you're talking about a very hurting individual who really doesn't have a clear sense of his own identity."

And that, says the psychologist, makes it easy for that type of individual to be recruited into an extreme ideology.
Doyle has an MA. He is not a psychologist. All that might be true in spite of the fact that Doyle knows absolutely nothing about the shooter or his family. So fucking what? What is the point to all of this drivel?

Oh, Doyle explains and the piece concludes:
"It's also important to recognize that hurting people hurt people," he continues, "that people don't fall into extremism and hate because they're inherently hateful people – [and] that had this young man had the right kind of love and support from his family and from his community ... perhaps it could have been avoided. And for that I grieve for his soul and his life."
“Hurting people hurt people?” Doyle knows absolutely nothing about this guy, his two wives (current and ex) and his family. Again I ask; What is the point of all of this drivel? Chad Groening and Charlie Butts (why do they always porn names?) wrote this piece. Congratulations guys!

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